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WMSRDC annually assists a few selected communities in preparing their land use plans, recreation plans, comprehensive master plans, GIS mapping, other locally based plans, and special projects.

Plan Writing

As a policy, WMSRDC does not respond to requests for proposals issued by local governments, and only provides this service where local communities cannot afford the cost of services from the private sector, or choose not to.

These projects are not a significant part of the Commission’s work program, or a major focus of the agency’s mission. However, the Commission provides this local government service as very few local governments in the region have their own professional planning staff, and many communities have very limited resources to hire private consultants.

Costs vary depending on the project and staff hours required.

GIS Mapping

If your community has a land use or zoning map that you would like digitized (computerized) using GIS technology, would like to create a new land use or zoning map, or overlay other community information on to maps, WMSRDC offers local governments this much needed service.

WMSRDC has recently expanded its GIS capability and resources to offer this service to local communities in the region, at cost. Products could include poster or wall size land use and zoning maps printed in color. The primary advantage of digitized maps is the ease with which maps can be updated as a community makes land use and zoning decisions, as well as the professional appearance of the maps. Furthermore, the data can be stored at the local planning office available to be accessed when needed.

The cost of this service ranges depending on the products desired and tasks involved. Example maps prepared for communities in the region are available for review at the WMSRDC office.

North Central Muskegon County Joint Planning Commission

The North Central Muskegon County Joint Planning Commission (JPC) consists of the townships of Blue Lake, Dalton, Fruitland, Laketon, and Muskegon.  The JPC was established as an advisory committee for the purpose of focusing on issues such as land use, economic development, environmental management, recreations, and other issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries along the major transportation corridor in north central Muskegon County.  The JPC is staffed by the WMSRDC.

Click here to go to the North Central Muskegon County Joint Planning Commission website.

For more information regarding Local Government Services, please contact:
Stephen Carlson, Senior Planner (231) 722-7878 ext. 11
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