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In the spring of 2017, WMSRDC began the process of collecting data for its annual Asset Management program. Each year, WMSRDC staff, along with Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and a county road commission employee, collect this data for approximately half of all the federal aid roads within Region 14. The data collection effort requires the collection of three items: PASER rating, surface type, and the number of lanes. PASER is a visual rating assessment system that rates the road surface condition for a given segment on a scale of 1-10.

During the year 2016, WMSRDC collected 1202 miles worth of data, taking approximately 10 working days to complete all counties. Results for 2016 are:

Lake County: Approximately 140 miles rated:
26.004 Miles Good Condition
40.599 Miles Fair Condition
73.436 Miles Poor Condition

Mason County: Approximately 138 miles rated:
7.790 Miles Good Condition
72.355 Miles Fair Condition
57.891 Miles Poor Condition

Oceana County: Approximately 196 miles rated:
39.508 Miles Good Condition
62.735 Miles Fair Condition
104.322 Miles Poor Condition

Newaygo County: Approximately 237 miles rated:
34.121 Miles Good Condition
54.694 Miles Fair Condition
148.377 Miles Poor Condition

Muskegon County: Approximately 267 miles rated:
80.445 Miles Good Condition
90.431 Miles Fair Condition
86.387 Miles Poor Condition

Ottawa County: Approximately 224 miles of roads rated:
42.103 Miles Good Condition
85.843 Miles Fair Condition
96.688 Miles Poor Condition