Environmental Planning

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Muskegon’s economic health is dependent on a viable shoreline that balances commercial, recreational and ecological interests. There is renewed interest in expanding the port infrastructure for economic development, without compromising the recreational and ecological importance of the shoreline. However, economic development activities and coastal improvements, whether it’s hard infrastructure upgrades or shoreline restoration activities, are threatened by the uncertainties of climate change.

This subarea plan will guide local governments in the adoption and implementation of climate adaptation and resiliency strategies along the Muskegon Lake shoreline, ensuring that these strategies and principles guide future port development and shoreline restoration work. It will also be used by shoreline landowners (public and private) to guide protection of valuable natural resources and physical recreational and commercial amenities in the face of climate change conditions. This plan will identify vulnerabilities and thresholds for failure, evaluate risks and costs, relate climate adaptation options, and adopt a decision-support framework to ensure long-term implementation and monitoring.