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Muskegon Lake Vision 2020 was initiated to gather broad input from the public and private sector, interested citizens and community stakeholders of diverse interests. Through its public input process, it uncovered the perceived quality of Muskegon Lake’s economic, environmental, residential, and recreational assets. The purpose of this document is to provide information and a platform for a unified vision that will guide sustainable development and utilization of Muskegon Lake and its shoreline into the future. The document will be useful as reference material for communities, developers, natural resource managers, landowners, and the public as the community develops detailed plans to improve the quality and sustainability of Muskegon Lake’s social, economic, residential and recreational assets.

The West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission worked in partnership with the Muskegon County Port Advisory Committee and the Muskegon Lake Watershed Partnership to develop the Vision 2020 planning process and organize community forums. It was decided to hold four separate forums in June 2015 to focus on Muskegon Lake assets: Natural Resources/Environment, Outdoor Recreation, Commerce/Port, and Residential. Each forum featured a presentation by a topic expert and provided factual information regarding the current condition of the forum’s subject matter. Attendees then participated in a polling survey designed to evaluate the quantity, distribution, accessibility, and aesthetics of the asset being discussed. Lastly, attendees were divided into four breakout areas where they elaborated upon and discussed responses to the polling questions and provided additional input and suggestions.

Executive Summary

Muskegon Lake Vision 2020 Appendix

An Economic Impact Study for the Port of Muskegon was recently released. Commissioned by Consumers Energy and produced by Development Research Partners, the report outlines the economic benefits of expanding the Port of Muskegon from the 2016 closure of the B.C. Cobb Generating Plant to the end of 2020. The report states the direct and indirect benefit to Muskegon County, the 13-county West Michigan Posterity Region, and Michigan for constructing and operating an expanded commercial port capable of handling container shipping vessels. To view the full study click on the below link.

Port of Muskegon Economic Impact Study

The City of Muskegon is building upon this project as well as developing plans to create a visionary document called Imagine Muskegon Lake. The plan is currently in the making and will be available soon for public review.