Environmental Planning

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West Michigan Watershed Collaborative

The West Michigan Regional Prosperity Alliance (RPA) is providing support for a regional initiative to improve water quality.  The West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission, Grand Valley Metro Council and Macatawa Area Coordinating Council are coordinating the 13-county, regional, watersheds initiative.  During its first phase, the West Michigan Watersheds Collaborative (WMWC) formed and Public Sector Consultants produced the report, A New Approach to Fund Watershed Management:  An Evaluation of Funding Mechanisms.  With continued RPA support, WMSRDC, GVMC and the MACC will work with the WMWC to develop regional funding strategies, based on the findings of the PSC report.  The initiative’s overall goal is to advance implementation of watershed plans that are already approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The purpose of the regional initiative is to establish funding opportunities beyond what is available through the DEQ and other competitive grant programs.  Doing so will ensure that existing water quality management plans don’t become outdated and that implementation is timely, cost-effective and sustainable.

West Michigan Watersheds Funding Report