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The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly asks you to take 45 seconds to respond to 6 questions that will help determine how your water is managed in the future

Did you know that all of your home and business water comes from the Muskegon River Watershed?

Did you know that some areas in Ottawa County, Michigan are experiencing a lack of ground water?

The demand for water in the Muskegon River watershed has, and will continue, to increase as less water is available in other areas. Already, more people are moving into the watershed along with more businesses, industry and agriculture. Will there be enough for you, your business, municipality, your recreational interests, fishing and the ecology of the watershed in 10, 25 or 50 years?

Please go to this link and answer 6 questions about Water and You. This will take about 45 seconds.  Your responses are anonymous (no addresses are tracked) and will be used to develop a Water Summit to provide a method for managing water within the Muskegon River Watershed. Thank you for your help.

Additional background:
We are a planning group with representatives from: Annis Water Resources Institute of Grand Valley State University, The Muskegon River Fishery and Sporting Alliance, Consumers Energy, Fremont Area Community Foundation IMES Fund, The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly and The West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission.

We plan to hold a water summit to determine how to manage water for the future. Your responses will be used to plan this summit and we invite you to attend.

If you have questions about this survey please contact Julie Chamberlain, Executive Director for the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly at Thank you for your help.