Office of Executive Director

Erin Kuhn, Executive Director
(231) 722-7878 ext. 18

Erin is responsible for the management and direction of all Commission programs and operations; is the liaison to federal, state, and local governments and the general public; and reports to the governing board.

Syndi Copeland, Office Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 10

Syndi is responsible for assisting the executive director and providing other services for the administration of the Commission. She provides administrative support to the technical planning staff and Homeland Security Program. She manages the Federal Project Review System, provides general assistance and information to the public, and coordinates Commission publications.

Finance and Budget

Amanda Snyder, Finance Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 12

Amanda is responsible for the financial management of the Commission’s programs, preparation and maintenance of the budget, and administration of the benefits program.

Air Quality and Information & Communications

Amy Haack, Program Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 19

Amy is responsible for the management of the air quality planning program and the Commission’s data center, communications tools (newsletter, annual report, and website) and regional forums.

Economic Development

Stephen Carlson, Program Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 11

Stephen is responsible for economic development planning and implementation programs, including the Comprehensive Economic Development (CEDS) Annual Report.

Transportation Planning

Joel Fitzpatrick, Planning Director
(231) 722-7878 ext. 16

Joel is responsible for the management of the transportation programs at the commission including the MPO, regional transportation planning, rural transportation program, transportation asset management, and special transportation studies.

Brian Mulnix, Program Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 20

Brian is responsible for metropolitan transportation planning (including the Transportation Improvement Program and the Long Range Transportation Plan), transportation asset management, and special transportation studies.

Environmental Planning

Kathy Evans, Program Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 17

Kathy is responsible for the Commission’s environmental planning program, including area-wide water quality management planning, grant project management, and liaison to the region’s watershed.

Gale Nobes, Planner
(231) 722-7878 ext. 22

Gale is responsible for providing assistance with the Commission’s environmental programs.

Community Development & Local Government Services

Stephen Carlson, Program Manager
(231) 722-7878 ext. 11

Stephen is responsible for community development and local government services at the Commission. This includes assistance with the development of master plans, recreation plans, and special projects.

Jamie Way, GIS Specialist
(231) 722-7878 ext. 15

Jamie is responsible for assisting with the Commission’s GIS Program; as well as other planning & development programs.

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