Economic Development

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Required by federal enabling legislation to maintain the region’s eligibility for federal development assistance, WMSRDC prepares the annual CEDS (formerly known as the Overall Economic Development Program). The CEDS is a fact book and blueprint for the economic development of the West Michigan Region. The CEDS also lists and prioritizes major regionally significant economic development projects in the region.

As a part of the CEDS planning process, the WMSRDC organizes the CEDS Committee to oversee the development of the document. The committee is required to “represent the main economic interests of the region,” and typically includes representatives from a variety of sectors, such as: economic development, public officials, community leaders, workforce development, higher education, minority/labor, private business, nonprofit, and education.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee

Tobi Lake                         Lake County Administrator
Jonathan Wilson             Muskegon County Economic Development Coordinator
Vacant                              Muskegon Area First
Kathy Maclean                Ludington Scottville Chamber of Commerce
Spence Riggs                   Mason County Growth Alliance
Anne Hardy                     Oceana County Economic Development Corporation
Ron Steiner                      The Starting Block
Mark Gruzniczak             Newaygo County Economic Development Office
Crystal Young                  West Shore Community College

Technical Assistance to Local Governments

WMSRDC reviews and evaluates proposed projects in the CEDS with respect to available federal/state funding resources, and provides technical assistance to communities to access those resources and implement projects. Assistance can range from federal/state liaison, to financial packaging, to grant application.

WMSRDC Industrial & Business Park Inventory

WMSRDC maintains an inventory of industrial and business parks in the region. There are 23 industrial parks or business parks identified in the inventory in the counties of Mason, Muskegon, Newaygo and Oceana. Lake County does not have any designated industrial or business parks at this time. Some information listed in the inventory for each park includes millage rates and local incentives; available utilities, infrastructure and acreage; and current tenants and contact information. This inventory is updated on an annual basis.

WMSRDC Industrial & Business Park Inventory_2016