GIS Mapping Services

WMSRDC has in-house GIS mapping services utilized by all of our major programs. Transportation, environment, local government services, and hazard mitigation all use GIS mapping for analysis, visual displays, and geographic data management. Examples of mapping data can be found from the many online maps provided on the WMSRDC website.

While some communities have their own dedicated GIS department, others may not have the staff or software to tackle GIS or mapping projects. WMSRDC is eager and proud to offer GIS services and expertise to the communities within the region. Our team can create GIS digital data such as zoning districts, road center lines, hydrology, parcel editing, and recreation mapping. From the digital data created, maps can be created for planning, meetings, display in offices, or printed in publications.

Please contact the WMSRDC office to find out more about how our GIS team can assist your community.