Census Data & Information & Communications

Website:  WMSRDC maintains this comprehensive website. Visitors to the website can learn more about WMSRDC’s programs, history, and also view and print frequently requested documents, plans, etc.

Newsletter:  The “Commission Communications” bi-monthly newsletter is the Regional Commission’s main tool of communicating the status of current activities and projects. The annual report is an overview of the programs and activities of the Regional Commission.

Social Media:  WMSRDC will continue to use social media to get the word out about meetings, projects, etc.

Regional Forums:  Various regional forums are held each year by WMSRDC to help local communities learn more about pertinent planning subjects. Past topics include federal and state assistance available to local governments and workshops on planning and zoning.

West Michigan Information Center (WeMIC):  WMSRDC disseminates census and other planning related information to local government officials, businesses, etc. WMSRDC is a local affiliate of the Michigan Information Center, part of the larger U.S. Census Bureau’s nationwide State Data Center Program.