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GIS Mapping Services

Over the past two years, WMSRDC has completed several GIS Mapping projects for local jurisdictions within the region. WMSRDC has mapped zoning districts for Benona Township in Oceana County, as well as zoning districts and a cemetery mapping project for Ashland Township in Newaygo County.

WMSRDC also has created maps for Mason County regarding their bridge locations and structural status, and a map showing historical wildfires within the county over the past 20 years for the county’s Wildfire Protection Plan.

While Muskegon and Newaygo counties have their own dedicated GIS department, other communities may not have the staff to take on either large county wide GIS projects or smaller city or township mapping needs. WMSRDC is eager to offer GIS services as needed to the communities within the region. WMSRDC can create GIS digital data such as zoning districts, road center lines, hydrology, parcel editing and recreation mapping. From the digital data created, maps can be created for planning, meetings, or display in offices or printed in publications. Please contact the WMSRDC office to find out more about using our GIS services.