Hazard Mitigation

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Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates

Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates

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WHAT Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates for the counties of Lake, Mason, and Oceana

WHY Hazard mitigation planning helps a community lessen or prevent damage from known hazards and disasters. Hazard mitigation plans are required by FEMA to qualify for various types of hazard mitigation grant funding. Plans must be updated every five years to maintain eligibility.

HOW WMSRDC applied for and received a hazard mitigation planning grant from FEMA. The process includes: research of past hazard events; identification of community vulnerabilities; input from the public, local communities, and other stakeholders; mitigation strategies; and mitigation action priorities.

WHO WMSRDC, in partnership with county emergency managers

WHEN July 2021 through December 2023