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Integrated Asset Management

Asset Management Summits

As part of the recently announced Fiscal Year 2019 Regional Prosperity Initiative Grants awards, the West Michigan Prosperity Alliance received $70,000 for Integrated Asset Management. This one-time grant award requires the Region to work with the newly formed Michigan Infrastructure Council to coordinate two regional Communication and Coordination summits, and work toward the development and implementation of a statewide asset management program through collaboration and coordination with the Transportation Asset Management Council, the Water Asset Management Council, and the Michigan Infrastructure Council.

This project will also help build upon the work and lessons learned from the Infrastructure Asset Management Pilot Project conducted in 2017 and 2018. Stay tuned for more information as the important project develops over the upcoming year(s).

On May 16, 2019 the West Michigan Prosperity Alliance hosted the first set of 16 statewide Communication and Collaboration Summits focused on integrated infrastructure asset management. The west Michigan summits brought together nearly 90 stakeholders at Muskegon Community College and included a mixture of presentations, interactive problem-solving, and facilitate discussion regarding the subject of Michigan’s infrastructure.

The event was designed to bring together stakeholders who use and manage Michigan’s infrastructure, remove barriers that hinder asset management, and align standards across transportation, water, utilities and communications assets.

The summits sought three main objectives: 1) begin the journey down the path of collaboration and coordination; 2) provide opportunity for peer-to-peer engagement; and 3) hear from attendees including feedback on opportunities and challenges.

The West Michigan summits generated a list of challenges and opportunities that will be compiled along with feedback from across the state to develop new collaborative technologies and drive a second series of regional summits scheduled for late fall 2019.