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WMSRDC is pleased to announce it has contracted Munetrix to provide open data and analytical services to our 127 communities in the region.

Munetrix, a multiple winner of the GovTech 100 honor for innovation among tech companies serving the government sector, is among the nation’s largest aggregators of municipal and school district data. The company promotes municipal wellness and sustainability through its cloud-based data management tools and proprietary performance management applications and provides communities and school districts an opportunity to gauge their Munetrix Fiscal Wellness Score.

In addition to its history and reputation in the municipal sector, Munetrix was selected by WMSRDC for its ease of use, with a platform that transforms large amounts of information into easy-to-digest charts and graphs that present a clear understanding of the meaning behind the data.

The partnership with Munetrix also provides WMSRDC members the ability to buy discounted licenses if they want to manage their forward-looking and non-public data, or access other time-saving products and advisory services. Hundreds of communities use Munetrix to make data driven decisions, financial projections, and even benchmark themselves against other communities.

Access to jurisdictional datasets is available on WMSRDC’s website so citizens, policy makers and researchers are now able to navigate key information while supporting an increased commitment to government transparency.

Watch a Munetrix produced video: How to Restore Public Faith in Government Institutions through Trust, Teamwork and Transparency