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Regional Infrastructure Asset Management Pilot

On May 4, 2018, the Regional Asset Management Pilot report was released. When the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission released their report in December 2016, they recommended the immediate creation of this pilot to identify existing infrastructure data and gaps, determine an appropriate comprehensive database system to house this data, and begin to coordinate amongst asset management data and planning across infrastructure sectors.

WMSRDC and the Grand Valley Metro Council worked together to lead the pilot effort in the 13-county West Michigan area. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments lead the effort in southeast Michigan pilot area.

The mission of the pilot was to:

  • Build a culture of asset management across the state.
  • Develop consistency across asset owners in asset standards and management practices.
  • Create mechanisms for coordinated planning and communication across asset owners and types statewide.
  • Develop a system that will support our understanding of assets and enable us to make informed decisions at a local, regional and state level.

The Pilot has accomplished this and so much more. Throughout the past year, the Pilot has convened state department, regional, local and private utility leaders across infrastructure assets of transportation, water, wastewater, stormwater, broadband and energy to create a roadmap for a statewide asset management database and asset management culture.

The joint regional pilot between Region 4 (West MI) and Region 10 (Southeast MI) covered 55 percent of Michigan’s urban, suburban, and rural population with 201 communities, regional entities, and private utilities participating in at least one area of the Pilot process. Over 15,000 miles of drinking water data was submitted, 13,000 miles of wastewater, and 6,000 miles of storm water which can now be used to show how a statewide asset management database will allow the State of Michigan to make better decisions on where and how much to invest.

Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council Honors the 21st Century Asset Management Pilot Project with 2018 TAMC Organization Award


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