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Trail Traffic Counters Available

Four TrafX infrared trail counters, along with traffic count software, are available for use within the region. These infrared traffic counters can be used to count general traffic on trails and could also be used to count hikers, bicyclists, and even snowmobiles.

The traffic counters were purchased through WMSRDC’s Regional Transportation Program, which receives its funding through the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). The objective of this program is to provide a comprehensive, regional multi‑modal transportation systems plan­ning program in order to promote the most efficient and economical movement of people, goods, and services in cooperation with MDOT, county road commissions, local units of government, and various public and private transportation providers.

These counters are available for regional local governments to borrow for use on their trail systems. In addition, WMSRDC will use them to collect data on existing trails to better measure trail usage. The collected data is useful when planning for future expansion of the regional trail system.