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Veteran’s Memorial Park Map

The Veteran’s Memorial Park, located along the Causeway connecting the cities of Muskegon and North Muskegon, was once named Michigan’s Most Beautiful Mile. Recent restoration projects have worked to not only restore the park to its original design, but to make it more resilient for native fish, wildlife and vegetation. It has been the task of the WMSRDC GIS technician to map the locations of the veteran’s memorial trees and markers which were collected and stored during construction. With the project complete, the majority of the markers have been placed back in the park.

The map shows the locations of all the memorial tree markers within the park and each location shows information about the veteran honored by each marker. By clicking on each marker you can see any information provided for each veteran and even a picture of their memorial. There are some markers that are being repaired and will be back out at their trees soon. You can search for a veteran by name in the search bar and the map will zoom into that specific memorial.

You can also click on the sidewalk and see the range of numbers for the smaller sidewalk bricks that line the park’s main walkways. An alphabetized list of the veteran’s with sidewalk markers is provided by the Muskegon County Veteran’s Affairs Office and can be viewed here: Veteran’s Park Sidewalk Brick Markers.