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Veteran’s Memorial Park

The Veteran’s Memorial Park, located along the Causeway connecting the cities of Muskegon and North Muskegon, was once named Michigan’s Most Beautiful Mile. Recent restoration projects have worked to not only restore the park to its original design, but to make it more resilient for native fish, wildlife and vegetation. It has been the task of the WMSRDC GIS technician to map the locations of the veteran’s memorial trees, walkway markers, monuments, benches and acknowledgements located throughout the park.

The map above allows you to search the park for a veteran’s walkway marker, to see an image of the paver that the marker is on and where it is located within the park.

If you are looking for a stone marker located at one of the park’s trees please click here to view that map: Veterans Memorial Park Tree Markers Map

We are working on combining the maps to show all of the parks markers in one map.